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Update March 26, 2020 I am currently working on placing this world into a formal manual that will be a universal Gazetteer for use in all game systems. This manual will be soft cover and will contain all the information and expanded reference information for use in all game systems. Included will be several maps and a associated website will be made, where you can sign up for an account and you will be able to have access to cool exclusive content, and even more maps etc.

This world setting will be compatible with most other game systems as it will be Setting Neutral so you will be able to use it with all major systems. I will also be updating this page with more information as it is developed. The manual will be released in June of 2020.

UPDATE 03-26-2020

I am right now wondering if I should do this old school style and make a boxed set with manual and maps. That way more maps can be included in the base world setting? I will be placing a way for people to give me feedback on this soon.

UPDATE 06-19-2020

I have completed the rough layout of the manual, and have completed over 17 individual maps, mainly of Dark Home and of major kingdoms. Some smaller Dungeons and such also are done.