Amarian Garrisons

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Amarian Garrisons are small enclaves of Amarian Legion soldiers. Each garrison varies in size based on it's location. However the average garrison has about seventy to one hundred legionnaires, sergeants and other officers in it. Some garrisons will have up to two hundred if they are in more dangerous places. Each garrison is as self sufficient as possible. These garrisons will patrol areas around its location, and are authorized to arrest and then for minor offenses fine the offender a specific amount of coin, and or for more serious crimes, they can either transport the person to the closest town where there is a magistrate.

Each Garrison is made up of the following troop / Legion makeup.

  • Captain
    • Five Legion Sergeants
    • Up to fifteen Legionnaires under each Sergeant

Garrisons even though as self sufficient as possible, are sent supplies, and each legionnaire term of duty if 90 days, then they are replaced and are allowed to go back home for two weeks.