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The Catling

The result of a long forgotten mage who tried to combine the attributes of a cat with that of a human being, and that somehow either the magic went wrong, or the original creature escaped. So basically what originally was the result of that magic is long forgotten, but the end result of time is the Catling.


The Catling tends to be thin and graceful with long slender limbs. Their eyes are large and resemble that of….. well a cats… they have small pointed ears, and they have no facial hair, however they do have as humans do hair on their head. The skin of a Catling has a slight pattern to it and this pattern can be anything, and of any mixture of colors, the patterns intensity varies upon the Catling in question.


Catlings tend to have loose societies, and most have simply been absorbed into larger human cities and towns. However the Catlingstends to be more readily accepted. Catlings have some limited trade, and offer services to various individuals that may require adventurers with nimble skills. They tend to not have any military or organized militias, and they have no special government.