Cave Creeper

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No other creature that inhabits the Southern portion of Da'Naan has more drive in its heart to feed and to eat then the Cave Creeper. They come out only at night and only eat living, warm-blooded creatures. There is no known non-magical way to kill one of these beasts. They were created many years ago by the Evil Dark Mage Malphit Doom to guard his keep. Once they attack, there is no sense in fighting. You are already dead. They appear as large six legged hounds that have no hair, instead they are covered with what appears to be puss filled sores that ooze a yellowish fluid that is rancid smelling. This fluid is highly toxic, almost as toxic as Asparian Adder venom. They have thick muscle filled necks, and large jaws. Their eyes are small, and glow red.

There are only a few known sightings of these monsters, as usually they kill anything that gets close enough to it, so see it.