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Amaria's largest city, Dark Home is known as being a den of debauchery where the king, Ulfric the Usuper rules. Ulfric is a king in name only, as the real power of Amaria is its churches. Dark Home is located on the coast of Myst Bay and has an approximate population of 20,000 people. Dark Home is surrounded by a tall stone wall with battlements periodically placed around it. The Port of Dark Home is a central hub of activity, as kingdoms from the Realms and also Outland Kingdoms come here to trade and sell their goods.

Although Dark Home is a hive and haven for many evil and dark individuals, there is a strict series of laws that govern the city proper. These laws are ruthlessly enforced by the City Watch, which is basically a military militia that carries out many times its own punishments in the dark alleys and corners of the city. The Watch is governed by various Captains of the Watch, and these men and women are the judge, jury and sometimes executioner of the city.

The king tends to allow the Watch broad powers, as the king is as corrupt as any merchant.