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The Draconic is the result of a long ago Dark Magic gone wrong. The Draconic has a bony ridge that runs from the middle of the forehead down and over their skull to the base of their back. They have a heavy brow ridge, which falls over reptilian eyes. The eye color of a Draconic is based upon the Dragons type that they originally were spawned from. There is no noticeable difference between Draconic males and female’s. Draconic’s tend to have long hair, which they use to hide the obvious head ridge. The skin color of the Draconic also varies by its type of dragon it was spawned from.

Draconic society is a closed society except for limited contact with any allies that they may have at the current time. Draconic law is a military type law, and all Draconic’s report to regional commander’s with regional commander’s reporting to the High Draconic Council. This council is made up of eleven Draconic’s, and this council rules by vote. The council vote’s on all matters that effect Draconic life and all decisions of this council are final; they do not change their mind! This council is also responsible for enforcing what is called Council Law, which is the laws that all Draconic’s living in Draconic society follow. Draconic’s that make their way by adventuring are usually shunned by the more organized element’s of their societies.

Draconics are meat eaters and cannot eat anything vegetable, if they do they get extreme disabling pain. They basically are allergic to all vegetables, fruits and grains. However they can drink wine, ale and hard spirits. However alcohol has no effect on them.

Draconic’s have excellent magic using abilities, and they have a central magic guild that is called the Mana Bringers. The main deity of the Draconic’s is the Lizkah and Slissgoht. Both of these deities are the main ones that most all Draconic healers follow. Draconic healers are special and they have great power in Draconic society, it is rumored that all of the Council of Eleven are healer’s.

Draconic’s have some trade, and they will generally trade with any race as long as they are treated with how they feel is fair. They are lovers of anything magical, and equally love both arcane and divine magic. Draconic’s are known to adventure far and take great risk and to hire and pay well for Arcane and Divine artifacts and relic’s.