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These are Goblin like creatures that can be usually found in the low rocks at the base of volcanic mountain ranges. They dig deep burrows or as some call them nests, with interconnecting tunnels and chambers. The dig deeply and always look for hot areas usually around magma or lava pockets as they love hot humid areas.

There are four kinds of Hivelings, there are Hiveling Workers, Hiveling Minds, Hiveling Drones and the Hiveling Queen. They have a fairly organized society, and have their own hierarchy and rules and laws. They tend to leave outside beings alone. However, they will at times when venturing out which they only do at night, take a stray adventurer, where they will take them to the hive and kill the person, and then let the Hiveling Drones feed on them.

Hivelings appear as short obese pale white Goblins with black eyes and no hair.

The Hiveling Drones care for and mate with the Hiveling Queen. They also protect her no matter the costs and also are there to care for and nourish the eggs and Hiveling Larvae. They do this by vomiting a thick milky white liquid that the larvae feed off of.

The Hiveling Workers are the protectors of the actual nest or hive, and also act as the soldiers, and builders, and fixers of the hive.

The Hiveling Minds are the intellectual Hivelings. They are the ones who act as the loose Government within the hive, and work to ensure the hive or nest operates smoothly, they also are the ones who will when needed, deal with other Hives or nests to gain power, or help.

The Hiveling Queen is a blind, deaf Hiveling that appears as a pale almost translucent massive tick. Her small arms and legs, are stubby, and she lives only to eat, mate and then lay Hiveling eggs, which the Hiveling Drones then take deep into the nest to care for, and feed when the eggs hatch.