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This foul being is essentially a Zombie, but of a sailor who died at sea in a horrible manner. They are known to be found in deep dark places close to water, such as ship wrecks, and in caves along the shore where their bodies wash up into. The only confirmed locations where these disgusting monsters are known to be are the Reef of Bones on the northern part of the Desolate Isle and also in the inner swamp areas in Gott. They appear as a hooded being with large maggot covered face and hands, that drip a vile smelly puss. They attack anything alive as they hate anything alive. They have a leprous like infection that drips from their rotting maggot covered hands. Anyone struck by one runs the risk of catching the maggot like disease, and if not treated by very special magic salves, the victim will become a Magoteer within a month.