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This is a system where any spell from any system can be adapted fast and easily to The Alterverse world. Think of it like this, each game system has a list of spells for each magic using, a divine based class type. These spells from other systems are divided into usually levels, and the Alterverse uses the Task Level System. To convert a existing spell from a system you like and are knowledgeable of, the conversion is simple and very quick. Once you learn it on this one page, you will do it almost without thinking about it.

Most every game system out there follows a leveling system. When a player reaches a specific level of experience, they gain a specific amount of spells from a chart that documents the spells level of difficulty. This Spell chart and it corresponding level of difficulty is what you need to pay attention to.

Most systems have nine levels of Spell difficulty, so we will work off of that assumption. To put it simply, all you do take the spell level of difficulty, and apply a Task level to it. Below details this fast and simple way of doing things. You will note that it is just a quick reference, and once you learn it, you will find most likely you will be able to do it without even referring to the below chart.


1 simple 2 simple +1 3 easy 4 easy +1 5 normal 6 normal +1 7 hard 8 extreme 9 heroic