Rogue Merchant

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The Rogue Merchant is one of the Alterverse RPG Classes is an adventurer who seek’s out and tries to acquire item’s of value. They will go to great length’s to possess items that they desire, and or are hired to gain. They are dealer’s of the rare and are willing to travel far and to face great danger’s to gain an item if it is rumored to be of value. These men and women do not settle for normal trinkets and the average.

Rogue Merchant’s be explained as such. They are a Merchant who instead of purchasing the most valued item’s he wants to sell. He or she adventures and find’s them. They sometimes are called robber merchant’s, as some of the more unscrupulous ones will obtain their item’s by sometimes nefarious means. And some of the more brazen ones will outright just steal what they want. However the majority of this unique class are just seekers of the very unique and rare. They also specialize in working for rich Lord’s and Ladies and sometimes even King’s and Queen’s, in order to obtain that which normally is not available.