Stygian Mage

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There are many dark and evil users of magic in the Realms. However nothing equals the Stygian Mage. These mages are so vile that no other mage, wizard or magic user will deal with them, the Stygian Mage is unique in the magic using classes as their . The Stygian Mage's sole focus is to make sure. To become a Stygian Mage is a process and a player has to first start off as a Dark Mage. They also have to have the following Ability scores.

Strength 9 12
Intelligence 14 18
Dexterity 9 14
Personality 9 11
Health 15 18
Awareness 13 18

To then become a Stygian Mage the Dark Mage must meet / do the following.

ONE: The player must attain at least 6th level as a Dark Mage or Conjuror.

TWO: The Player must go through a physically taxing magical process where they will permanently lose 2D6 points of life. This life point loss is not reversible no matter the kind of magic used.

THREE: The new Stygian Mage then must give up all magical items they have attained, as a new Stygian Mage believes that the rejection of the old magic is essential to become more pure.