Wood Elf

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The Wood Elf

The wood elf is tall and slender with light delicate features. The wood elf has almond shaped eyes and their skin tends to be the tint ranging from pink to light green. The skin color of a wood elf is influenced by the types of trees in their home woods. Thus some wood elves will call themselves oak, or pine elves or whatever tree type that their family takes care of. The wood elf tends to have lightly tinted hair that can range from blonde-haired person to silver, to brown and they will generally wear their hair long, the females of the race are only matched in exotic beauty by the Amarians.

Wood elven society is generally a sociable one, with some exceptions. They do not allow goblins in their lands as goblins were once long ago elves, which used vile dark evil magic that backfired on them. The wood elves view this as an abuse of the responsibility of the Arcane art.