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This page is a guide to help you understand how to handle copyrighted materials in this Wiki.

Determining Copyright Status

Any content on this wiki is considered copyright if:

  • It belongs to author Donald Semora
  • It belongs to the Publisher Castle Top Games
  • It belongs to, or is a part of the Alterverse world and or universe
  • It is copyrighted by another party or organization.

Content is considered public domain if:

Content is considered licensed if:

When should you label the copyright status of a contribution:

  • When it doesn't belong to either the Creator of the Alterverse and all it entails Donald Semora.
  • When it is copyrighted by another party.
  • When it is licensed.
  • When in doubt, label it.

How should you label it?

  • Use the Wikipedia standard for article footnotes and citations.
  • In line links to content source.


Thank you for your consideration in this. Your help in this matter will greatly ease my efforts to keep this wiki free and open to the public to read, enjoy, and edit. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the author through his web site at Donald Semora. Thanks.

- Donald Semora creator.