Alterverse RPG

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ISBN: 978-1-940155-33-3
Published: January 2016
Pages: 252
Type: Role Playing Game
Media Type: Print
Gane Edition: First Edition
Price: $34.95

This is a Role Playing game created by Donald Semora, and was released in January 2016. This game system differs from other systems as it hyper focuses on simplicity, and allowing the player to spend as much time during game time Role Playing. The game uses a unique system for its base core game mechanic called the Task Level System which uses a simple D20 dice roll, and one simple table to achieve all results. This is the First Edition of this game. The Alterverse RPG 2nd Edition is due to be released in 2020.

Overall Game Mechanic

The main engine for this Role Playing game, is the Task Level System. This is basically two tables, and a simple D20 roll. This system has been designed so it can control all aspects of game play from Combat, to spell use, to general task determiners. The Task Level System is a true "do it all" in this game, and can be easily modified to be used in just about any game system..

Number Players Needed

This system requires at least two players, however it is suggested to get the most out of the system, that at least three or more players engage in game play.

Core Manual

The system is comprised of one Core rule book that contains both the players and game masters content. This is what makes this system unique, as the players and game masters content are not seperated, tgus saving the gamer the hassle of having to purchase two books separately. The main core rule book contains everything the player needs to play the game including a small glossary of monsters for use in the game.

Other Manuals

There are several other manuals that aid in game play, and are designed to make the game more enjoyable. There is the Critter catalog and a Alterverse Companion Guide. These manuals although available are only designed to expand and enhance the gaming experience.