Blood Apple

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The Blood apple grows in only one area in the world, and that is in Blood Wood located in central Amaria. The Blood Apple is an apple that has a dark red, almost purple skin, however inside is dark red, and when cut drips a thick sap that resembles blood. The apples are harmless to animals, however when ate by humans, it will place the person who consumes one into a deep sleep. It only takes a few bites to induce this sleep, and the person can stay asleep for sometimes up to a week. If a person or animal eats before falling asleep a full apple, they can die, and the apple will cause the white of their eyes to become dark red, and their tongue to swell and become dark red.

The blood apples tree looks like a standard apple tree, except when cut is also bleeds a thick sap that is very sweet, but toxic to anything eating it. Thus the forest is littered with animals, and the occasionally a traveler who unknowingly consumes too much.