Crater Isle

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The Crater Isle is a large set of three islands that sits in the middle between Ice Bay and the Straights of Hafaria. Crater Isle is known for its salt mines. these mines are located at the base of the Salt Spine a large peak made up of salt. Salt is traded out of Salt Port, and ships can be found anchored out dozens deep waiting to dock and load up with the pure salt that the island is famous for. However what is more sought after is the very rare Blue Salt that is sold in Salt Port. This salt is blue in color, and for every ten tons of normal salt, one ounce of Blue Salt is found. This salt is known to cure infections and more.

Salt port is officially a part of Amaria, and is protected by the Amarian Legions. It is against the law to land any other place within the islands other than Salt Port, it's main city.