Deep Dirt

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Deep Dirt in the Alterverse is a dark place, that goes so far down, it even is below the Underhalls. Deep Dirt is a place full of some of the darkest and worst, most evil monsters in the Alterverse, and no one except the most brave, and some say most fool hardy dare adventure to. There are many rumors that surround Deep Dirt, and these are spelled out in the various legends and lore of the world.

Deep Dirt also is showcased on the other books of author Donald Semora and is the fictional land that is deep in the earth, featured in the book The Fairies of Curtis Road by Donald Semora. Deep Dirt is far below the deepest of oak roots. The only thing that really lives in Deep Dirt are the Snufflewumps and the Moles who are their allies. Rumor says that deep in deep dirt is a castle, a dreary sad looking castle where The Dark Thing lives.