Desolate Isle

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The Desolate Isle is a large island located in the Dark Sea. This island was once inhabited by an advanced race of trader magic users. However two mountains that dominated the island erupted for reasons unknown, causing a large catastrophe. These volcanoes are now called The Angry Twins, and are the source of much conjecture and legend. One legend says that one of the volcanoes was the home of Malphit Doom a legendary dark wizard. The island is naturally protected by several shoals and reefs that are the home of many ships that have foolishly tried approaching the island. There is also rumored to be great treasures within the two volcanoes, however this has been never proven.

The island is also according to legend the home of Black Goblins, a race of Goblins created by Malphit Doom that are so evil, they contain the very essence of darkness.