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The Dirham is the standard coin if the Government of Hafaria. Less common in the west and north, the Dirham tends to have dramatically different values in Amaria and Maldoria. Within Hafaria only the Dirham is used. No other coin is accepted, and the exchange rates for these coins is very low. Counterfeiting coins in Hafaria is an offense that brings a horrible death to the person. They are taken out into the desert, and their feet are cut off, then dipped in hot oil so the person does not bleed to death. They are then left to lay in agony.

Hafaria - The Dirham
  • Copper Dirham
  • Silver Dirham
  • Gold Dirham
  • Platinum Dirham

Although depending on the Kingdom and many other factors, the exchange rate for each coin can vary. However the "standard accepted' rate is as follows.

Hafarian Coinage

Copper = 1 Copper Silver = 5 Copper Gold = 10 Silver or 50 Copper Platinum = 10 Gold 100 Silver to 500 Copper

Hafarian Dirhams to other coinage

Copper = 1 Copper Silver = 5 Copper or 3 to 4 Sovereign or Shekel Gold = 7 to 9 Silver Sovereign or Shekel Platinum = 8 Gold Sovereign or Shekel