Dwarf Clans

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Every Dwarf is a member of a Clan. A clan is like a protective family and these clans will help any member when they are in legitimate need. Dwarf clans tend to have a leader who acts as the judge of all disputes, and will also ensure that any and all negotiations with other clans benefit their own clan. Dwarven clans will allow non dwarves to help with the various adventure’s they require, as long as the outsider is with a dwarf who is a member of that clan requesting help, and the task or adventure is of benefit somehow to the clan. There are dozens of small clans, however the larger ones are as follows.

  • Leader Orin the Red
  • Clan symbol Acorn
  • Leader Sark Smooth Chin
  • Clan symbol Wagon Wheel
Red Cloths
  • Leader Pilmore Prun
  • Clan symbol Red Banner
Proud Purses
  • Leader Malin Chumbuckle
  • Clan symbol Gold Coin
Trader Wilds
  • Leader Sarah Highbrow
  • Clan symbol Leather Pouch
The Full Chests
  • Leader Okin Tallow Hair
  • Clan symbol Chest
Wheel Breakers
  • Leader Blavik Hornbrow
  • Clan symbol Bundle of Grapes
Rolling Golds
  • Leader Milar Fast Feet
  • Clan symbol Golden wheel