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This book written by Donald Semora details the early days of the Gamers Saga main character Freya, and of how she came to meet Kord. This is the first book of the Alterverse Chronicles. This book was released on December 15th of 2010 and is available on, in stores, and also on the publishers web site, HERE


This book starts off with Freya on her families farm in Amaria, where she strikes off and is captured by Ek slave traders. She eventually escapes with great injury to herself and is found by a family, who help her get back to health, she then makes her way to Darkhome where she is betrayed by a bar maiden, and eventually meets and befriends Kord, who has just escaped from a Darkhome prison.

Crucial Characters


Main character of the book. Young girl who in search of adventure strikes off from her home.


Maldoran Northsman, who rescues Freya from thieves, then himself is captured and rescued by Freya.


Bar maiden in Darkhome, who betrays Freya for her money.


The man who Anna hires to steal Freya's money and murder her.


A thief and a rogue who becomes the cellmate of Kord, he helps Kord escape.


Darkhome Jailer and overall pig, who takes pride and great joy in being cruel to prisoners.


Kind Amarian farmer who with his wife Lora helps Freya when she escapes from Slagar the Pirate.


Freya's younger sister, who Freya despises deep down.


Cruels Ek Slave pen mistress.


Ek Slave pit guard, who used a cat o nine tails to whip and beat prisoners.

Slagar the Pirate

A pirate and scumbag, who Freya is sold to. He eventually loses his right hand to Freya, however in the process gives Freya her famous scar.


Wife of Thom, and is the woman who originally finds Freya when she jumps from Slagra's ship.


Young slave girl on board of Slagar the pirates ship. She is the one that warns Freya of Slagars temper.


Gate guard for Darkhome, who offers to show Freya the delights of the city.