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Character Name: Goblin
Introduced In: Hand of Fate
Race: Goblin
Role: Important

Black Goblins

  • TYPE - Magical
  • SIZE - Humanoid

The Goblin is a small nasty little creature that inhabits many parts of the Alterverse, they tend to stick to dark woods, and caves. They tend to avoid daylight as they are nocturnal.


Goblins have a very simple society, where the leader is basically the most vicious and strong goblin, there are dozens if not hundreds of Goblin Clans, these clans have their own agenda, and their own way they do things. Each clan has a leader, however all clans once per year pay homage to the Goblin Home. The average Goblin has pale yellow skin, with burgundy mottled growths, however there are many other variations color wise. However all Goblins, have large bulbous heads, are short usually never getting taller than 5 feet. They are bipedal and use a variety of weaponry.

Goblin Home

The home of the Goblins, is Goblin Home and it is located in the mountains in Southern Amaria. This is where once per year, the leaders of the various Goblin Clans meet for the great Goblin Conclave, that is a meeting to discuss the plans for the furtherment of the Goblins. Most Humans have no idea how structured Goblin society really is. Thinking they are just merciless unthinking thugs.

Goblins are as devious as they are stupid, and that is a bad combination in anyone.