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Location: Gott
Type: Ruined City
Owner: NA

Ruins Of Gott

Located in the jungle in the old Kingdom of Gott, this city is now in ruins, its central spire still visible, its large roads just dirt paths. No one knows why the original inhabitants left, however one thing is for certain. Gott is now again inhabited, however what calls Gott home is not anything one wants to meet. Inside of the fabled ruined city are treasures beyond compare, however the trick is never getting into Gott, the trick it getting out. One of the most feared beasts in all of the Realms wanders the streets of Gott after the Twin Moons rise high. The Cave Creeper, this magical beast, one of the guards of Malphit Doom cannot be killed by any non magical means. As the Encyclopedia Exotica Creatures says, "Once they attack, there is no sense in fighting. You are already dead."

Gott is made up primarily of ruins on the surface, with many types and forms of mazes, caverns and dungeons below. These vary in size and make up, and some are from the various denizens of the deep, and some are from those that inhabited Gott when it was in its prime. There are several learned sages that claim there are books that tell the true story of why Gott was abandoned. They claim that there was a coven of dark wizards, and that they uncovered some vile form of dark magic, and this magic perverted and twisted the residents of Gott into hideous beings, that went mad consuming those that dared stay behind.

This claim has never been verified by this author, as I have not ever personally read the books in question that claim this.