Ice Crag Keep

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Ice Crag Keep sits at the juncture of the Polar Waste Mountains and The Great Ice Wastes within the Frozen Desert in Maldoria. This keep is made up of two sets of structures, the main one is made up of hard granite, and being inhabited by about fifty Northsmans. These men and women are there to simply keep watch, and ensure that nothing uses this area as a staging point, or a way to mount attacks on their Kingdom.

The other structure, is actually a series of ruins about a mile from the main one. These ruins are ice caked, desolate and people tend to stay out of them as there are rumors of ghosts of the Early Maldoran King who shamed his honor by using the place as a way to hide from is enemies, instead of facing them. Thus being a coward, which is the worst of all crimes a Maldoran can commit.