Jaghar Isle

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Home of the unfriendly, and secretive Gnome’s. This Island is located in the North Western part of the Alterverse. Not much is known about this Island other than it is a hub of activity, and to the West beyond the Island is the Great Fog Barrier.

Rumor says that the Gnome’s of this island know the secret of how to get through the barrier. However no one that is known about at least, has ever managed to get them to tell this secret. The Gnome’s will usually only associate with traders via their capitol city of Gnome Home. The Gnome’s tolerate no one from the outside to venture inside of the island. There are rumors of great industrialized areas inside of this island, as sometimes at night one can see a glow coming from the island, if you are on the West coast of Amaria, and the night is clear.