King Ulfric

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Ulfric is the son of Ulfric The Wise XII a respected and loved king. However Ulfric the son was known to be a spoiled and hateful brat, who at the age of sixteen it is rumored killed his father, although this has never been proven. His two brothers Andar and Malin both also soon after died mysteriously. Ulfric is know known by many as Ulfric The Usurper. Dark Home has always been the official royal seat in Amaria, although Amaria is actually ruled by the High Priestess of Amaria. The Amarian Religious Council lets the king sit and make minor decisions as a way to placate the people. However no sitting king has ever been so foolish to go against the councils wishes.

The High Priestess of Amaria, and the ruling religious council have control of the Amarian Legions, who are feared seasoned highly trained, and excellently trained troops. The Legion has total and blind loyalty ot the religious council and high priestess.

Ulfric it is rumored, has plan to one day do away with the council, and also the high priestess. However this is mere rumor in alley ways, and dark taverns when the ale has flowed too freely.