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Tall and large boned, and at times confused with a Half Orc, the Neanderman appears as a large human with a large square jaw and pronounced forehead. The male’s and female’s usually have long hair, and tan skin. Their complexion’s are ruddy, as they live in the outdoors.

Females tend to be more masculine looking, however there are rare Neanderman female’s that look almost Human like, these female’s make up only about ten percent of the race. In Neanderman society, all hold their own and do their part. Thus, female’s and male’s are equally adept in all action’s.

The language of the Neanderman is called Gobblytalk. Neanderman have a surprisingly well-developed culture and society. A community will usually be the size of a small village or town, with tents and small building’s. The building’s of a Neanderman settlement are made from material’s found in the area, including wood and stone, or sod, mud brick or logs. They tend to have very well developed law’s and custom’s, and are ruled by one central ruler that they call the High Glopf. He is a tribal leader, and rules all settlement’s, as they all follow the same law’s and custom’s. His word is final. The High Glopf is changed every 20 years, as they can only reign for that amount of time, then there is a vote, and a new one is selected.