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The Outbringer is essentially any human that is not native to one of the other three human kingdoms. Their appearance can vary greatly as their appearance depends on the area that they live in, and interact in. They can be fair or dark skinned, fair-haired or dark haired, they can have almond shaped eyes or round eyes, basically they can have any look to them.


The society of the Outbringer is has no set laws or ways, they tend to mix with other peoples and races, and they tend when you do run into a settlement to by almost nomadic in their ways. They tend to have tribal type societies when you do find a settlement. However a traveler will at times find small towns and villages that are almost totally inhabited with human Outbringer. There are some areas that have small Outbringer “usurper” kingdoms as they are called, these tend to be small areas where an Outbringer has set up his or her own self-proclaimed kingdom, and will have laws and rules that they enforce themselves.

Religious Base

The religion of the Outbringer can be anything, as they tend to follow a broad range of religions, and even some cults. They have no single god or goddess.


Trade with the Outbringer is also something that is very varied and can be just about anything, as their exposure to other races tend to mold their trade depending on their location. There are large tented fairs that cover hundreds of acres that Outbringer are known to run. These fairs as they are called tend to be large events and can last months at a time. They tend to draw large amounts of people of varied races and creeds. Outbringers tend to have no set specific laws as they do not have what is normally called a official empire or base of living, however like described above, a traveler could run into Outbringer outposts and sometimes even small villages and towns, and these places will sometimes have their own laws and their own rules that they expect travelers to follow.