Rot Hole Dungeon

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The Rot Hole Dungeon is located in northern Amaria close to the Ice River. This dungeon used to be a large tower owned by a noble and good Lord. However the Lord was not married and wished nothing more than to find a good woman to marry and live his days with. One day he was befriended by a Dwarf from Myst Port in Maldoria telling the Lord that he was a powerful mage that could create a spell that would attract the most beautiful woman in the Realms to come to him and fall in love with him.

Excited over the promise, the Lord hired the Dwarf to make this spell, but in reality the Dwarf was a charlatan and a failed Wizard Apprentice. While creating the spell a mistake was made, and instead the magic called down onto the good and noble Lord, an army of undead from the Ruins of Ornair. This army killed every living thing in the keep and surrounding the area. The Lord who now was also an undead Magoteer filled with now hate, spite and anger lives within the deep ruins vowing to kill anything that dares venture inside of it.

Now what sits is one of the largest Dungeons in the Alterverse.