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Sephra is the Goddess of water within Amaria and is the main Goddess of the religion called The Flow. The belief behind Sephra is that all beings, all things need water, and as such water is the ultimate life giver. Within Amaria travelers will run into churches and temples dedicated to her. Within Loc Amar is the main Church dedicated to her, and all the main clergy within the church are female, as they also are life givers.

Amarian Law states that within all Cities there must be a large Church or Temple, and anyone caught defacing, vandalizing or in any way harming a Priestess can be punished by life imprisonment, no matter hiw slight the crime.

Sephra appears as a young woman, with eyes that change hue constantly, and she has flowing water for hair. Her pale blue skin shimmers, and she is known to be a tolerant and good Deity. She is the patron deity of sea goers and sailors within Amaria.