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The skill is one of the most important aspects of game play in the Alterverse™, basically skills improve a PC’s chances at being successful when they attempt to perform a task. So as a player gains skills and as they gain levels in that skill they will improve their overall effectiveness in the game. Each skill has four skill levels. Likewise each one of those skill levels give the player a D20 dice roll modifier that they will apply to all task roll checks. The four skill levels and their modifiers are:





Controlling Ability

Each skill has what is called a controlling ability. This is the ability score that determines how far in skill level a player can go in a specific skill. Your class type will also dictate certain minimum ability score that you’re PC is mandated to have. This is based on the class of the character. This is to ensure that a player will have certain Minimum ability scores that will in turn allow them to gain minimum required skill levels in skills that their class is dependent on. This is done also to ensure game balance and also to ensure that the playability of the game is fluid and consistent.

Skill Level

One of the most important stats that a player will keep track of is their skill level in various skills that they have. This is easy to do when using the Alterverse Record Sheets. Skill Level of any gains skill is basically what the PC revolves around, the skill level is what will tell the PC “how good” they are. As stated above the skill level gives the player a D20 roll modifier called a task roll modifier. In effect making them better at the skill in question. So a player will depending on their class and how they want to play out their PC will want to increase their skill level in certain skills, while they may leave other skills at minimum skill levels. Basically a player can become as good or as accomplished at any skill that they want to. This freedom to the player increases the overall control that the player will have to make their PC unique.

Gaining New Skill

As players gain levels they will gain skills. The below table shows how many skills a player will gain per level of experience. As stated before the player may also gain bonus skills which is based on the players intelligence score. Keep in mind that this bonus can be used to purchase new skills, or they can be applied to the improvement of existing skills. NO intelligence bonus can ever be applied to a newly acquired skill for the improvement of that skills skill level.