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The Alterverse Chronicles are a series of short stories written by Donald Semora, that detail various adventurers, legends and characters from the book written by Donald Semora. The series is planned to be launched in late 2016 or early 2017.

Book Series Overview

To call this a book series is really not accurate, as a series implies that you have to read them in a certain order, or you have to read them all in order to understand the overall message. The Alterverse Chronicles are actually a series of individual stories that take place in the Alterverse and involve various characters and villains from that world. You do not have to read these books in any certain order, as each book is a stand alone story. However it is suggested you either read the Alterverse Saga Book I - Dark Home and Alterverse Saga Book II - Heroes Gambit by Donald Semora to get a firm base for some of the characters.

Books In Series

There are currently several planned books with one released in November of 2010, and one in January 2011. They are as follows.

Freya & Kord (Currently out)

Old Business Finished (December 2016)

Deep Well Explored (April 2017)

Three Coins (Tentative)

There are plans to release approximately one book every three or four months, for a minimum of three books per year. Each book will have a page count of approximate 150 pages or less.