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These books comprise the entire world of the Alterverse.

The initial book released by Donald Semora is a book called The Alterverse Book. This book comprises of almost 500 pages, contains maps, illustrations and also the use of QR codes. This initial book is a stand alone book that the reader should read first. This is a complete stand alone story and requires no further reading.

However also the reader can read an ongoing stand alone series of books called "The Alterverse Chronicles]]. These books are a series of shorter stories that average 120 - 160 pages, that tell expanded story of the characters, events and history of the Alterverse that the author Donald Semora has created. Each one of these shorter books is also a stand alone read, and require no further reading. They are scheduled to be released as follows.

Book Release The Alterverse Chronicles


This tells the story of how Freya and Kord, two of the main critical characters in the book The Alterverse World met, and became friends. This books was released in 2011 and encompasses over 130 pages.


This story tells of Freya's quest to have revenge on the pirate Slagar One Eye who was the evil pirate who gave her the scar on her face, as detailed in the first book of the Alterverse Chronicles Freya & Kord. This book gives expanded content and story as to some of the tension between the two characters, and gives critical back story as to Kord's eventual hard feelings and secret resentment of Freya.

The Contract

This third book in the Alterverse Chronicles will be detailed soon.