The Fairy and The Lord

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The Fairy and The Lord is an old fable, that tells of a young nobleman many years ago, no one knows for sure, depending on the story teller some say it was hundreds of years ago, and some say only a generation or two ago. However one thing for sure, it was long ago.

The legend says a young nobleman who was fair haired and very pretty was on his horse one day, and was riding along the edges of the home of the Fairies, whom at the time mankind hunted for their magic. While riding his horse panicked when a large snake crossed on the path in front of him, causing him to be thrown from his horse. When he hit the ground he broke his neck, and was unable to move. Awhile later a young fairy happened upon him, and when seeing how pretty the young nobleman was, became smitten with him, and she took him and hid him in a stump of a large oak. She then cared for him, and then because she began to fall in love with him, snuck into the fairy home, and took some magical sap from the Great Oak which healed the young man.

The young nobleman fell also in love with the young fairy, which was forbidden, and she became pregnant. Later on when their love was discovered, this was the event that caused mankind and fairy kind to have peace, and the Great Oak to give up what is now known as the Childs Soul Gem.