The Red Wench

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The Red Wench is the pirate ship of Slagar One Eye. Named after the the one woman who defied him and lived. That person was Freya. The ship is a wide beamed vessel with five large sails. The ship was once a merchant vessel, but was taken over when the ships Captain was murdered in his sleep by the first mate Slagar One Eye many years ago. This happened when Slagar decided that he had been slighted by the Captain. Slagar then with the help of several loyal shipmates killed the rest of the crew in their sleep, dumped their bodies overboard and decided a life of piracy was for them.

The ship has been modified by adding many secret compartments for smuggling, as well as converting a large part of the hold into cells to hold slaves that are destined to the various slave auction blocks in The Realms such as Ek.