Tomb Stalker

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The Tomb Stalker is a cursed person who was killed in a Dungeon or other underground area by anything innately evil. Their death had been so violent and senseless, that they are forever cursed to roam the halls and rooms of the underground Dungeon or Tomb. Because of this they hate all things living, and will attack anyone they run into. However they do so stealthily, passing through wall and doors, they usually will wait til the adventurer is wounded or asleep. They then will attack, the touch of a Tomb Stalker causes possible paralysis from fear.

Once their victim is paralyzed, they then will suck the life essence from the person by placing their mouth over the mouth of their victim, and extracting the person essence of life. Once killed by a Tomb Stalker the person is no able to be reincarnated or brougth back to life, as their very soul has been removed.