Yognar the Brave

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Yognar the Brave (b) 2158 (d) 2203 was one of the Realms most famous and well known adventurers. He was born in Oakenton in Amaria and his early years are largely shrouded in legend and fog. However this much is known for sure. His father was an abusive drunk, and his mother died at his birth, causing his own father to despise him. His father was a traveling merchant, and from a very young age he was left for weeks at a time alone to fend for himself while his father was off.


Yognar is best known for his adventuring and his exploits. He traveled in the company of diverse fellow adventurers, and skirted death some say more than the reaper himself. As a matter of fact one of the legends say that the Grim Reaper came to take him, and he made a deal with the reaper to do dice over his death. Yognar won, so the reaper agreed to leave him alone.

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