Amarian Legions

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The Amarian Legions are a highly trained and well disciplined fighting force that have garrison located all over Amaria. Their central hub of command is located in Loc Amar, and also in Maldor in the northwest of the kingdom, and also near the Cradle of Fire in the south west of the kingdom. What makes the legions so attractive is that they are handsomely rewarded for service. The standard pay for a legionnaire is around fifteen silvers a month, officers make up to five gold pieces a month. Upon serving the legion for twenty years a legionnaire gains a pension of ten gold pieces per year, and is also granted a one acre plot of land to use and farm.


The Amarian Legions are made up of approximately fifty thousand personnel, and with another twenty thousand in support duties. They have a reserve force of almost the same number, that can be called up quickly. The legions are they are called, are made up the following mix of troops.

  • 25,000 ground shock troops
  • 10,000 ground archers using heavy long bows
  • 10,000 mounted cavalry
  • 5,000 siege troops operating latest technology in siege engines
  • 20,000 support troops made up of medical, logistics, wagoners, food, etc.


The legions are famous for extreme loyalty, and also tenacity. Many kingdoms, and also uprising have occurred over Amarias nine hundred year history, however each one has been easily repelled and or squashed by the legions. Discipline is at once light, but also extreme. There is a strict structure that all troops follow, physical punishment is common. The death penalty is used. However only in cases where a soldier commits an atrocity against non enemies, or is disloyal or shows cowardice on the battle field.

Legion Use By The King

The Amarian Legions report to and are guided by the High Priestess of Amaria and also the Religious Council. They will respond to problems in the kings seat of power, or to threats in the area of Dark Home, however the king has no real ability to order them to do anything.