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This kingdom is located in the western side of the continent, and is the religious and military hub of the continent, and tend to be the central kingdom where most things happen. The capitol of Amaria is Loc Amar and is also the central port on the western edge of Amaria. This Kingdom tends to be the most stable of the kingdoms, and most open. The biggest city and most infamous is Dark Home, which is located on the eastern side of the kingdom, on the coast of Myst Bay.


Amaria is a strict Theocracy with a central puppet monarch to maintain the appearance of Church neutrality. The kingdom is ruled centrally from Loc Amar by a ruling religious council, made up of Twelve Holy Governors. These are a mixture of male and female Amarians, and the head of the council at this time is Loranna Highmoon. The other eleven members have direct vote into all matter of state and policy, however the governing head of the council has final say usually. Although the head will usually never go against the vote of the members.

The puppet king is located in Dark Home, and he is always male, and although he does have broad powers, he will usually never go against the Twelve Holy Governors vote or say. This is because the church has direct control over the feared and fabled Amarian Legions, a very loyal and skilled military arm, that also has a Naval branch. (see military below)


The religious center and capitol of Amaria is Loc Amar, and this is where the High Priestess Loranna Highmoon resides in the Holy Temple of Kaleen. Loc Amar is known for not only its hub of religious activity, but it is also known for its vast collection of knowledge. The Amarian Library is located in the city center next to the Holy Temple, and is rumored to not only have vast amounts of scrolls and rare books, but also deep in it recesses a trove of magical items. Some of them dating back to the True Founders. The city proper is located on the west side of the continent, and sits in Amar Bay directly across from Sea Murk, a city that although has a more sinister sounding name, is actually where the one of the two great Amarian Shipyards are located at, the other shipyard being located in Maldor.


Amaria is a mixture of climates as it borders Gott to the south, and Maldoria to the north. Rich forests, and hills and grassy plains make up most of Amaria, although the further south you go the more hot and tropical, where to the north as you approach the Northern Land Bridge cooler more cold weather greets you. There are four large bodies of forest in Amaria, these being Vine Wood, the largest and most populated. Mainly with Elves and Orcs, River Wood, this large forested wood is attached to Vine Wood but is sepreated by the Vine River. Lake Wood, which is the smallest of the four, and Oaken Wood, which is where the Navy tends to get the wood for its naval vessels. Although this used to be the largest forested are in Amaria.

The Realms largest mountain range is located in Amaria, this range has no official name, and is instead made up of several intersecting ranges, with various names. However the Cradle of Fire is the most ominous area of these mountains as this is the most volcanically active area in the Realms. There are several infamous dungeons and locations that are home in these mountains, these being Goblin Home which is the home of the Goblins that infest the Realms, Deep Dwell which is a dungeon that is so vile, so evil that even the Goblins will not venture into this location, and no known adventurer has ever entered and came out. Wizards Hole, which is home of various crazy wizards, depending on what drunk villager you are currently talking to. Thieves Hole, which is a small town just south of Death Dale, this town is known to be a haven and a meeting spot for many guilds and other unsavory types. Finally located in these mountainous areas is The Furnace, this is the single largest active volcano in all of the Realms and is home to many fables and rumors.

Cities, Towns, Villages

There are many towns and cities and villages located in Amaria, and as Amaria is an open society, movement is allowed unrestricted. There are thirteen major cities in Amaria, and these are Loc Amar, Dark Home, Death Dale, Sea Murk, Myst Point, Blood Port, Maldor, Elven Home and Cliffs End. These cities are unique in their flavor and are described fully under their own pages.


Amaria although a religious based society, has one of the most fearsome and largest armies and navies in the Realms. The ground based army is known as the Amarian Legions or the Legions for short, and this army is comprised of 60,000 skilled and highly trained and well equipped men. Women cannot be members of the Amarian Legions. The navy is made up 10,000 men, and its fleet consists of 100 Karsel Warships, 50 Heavy Battle Ships and various small craft of various service. Each member of the navy is a fully trained legionnaire, who in times of war can easily be transferred to the Amarian Legions so that they may expand the already large military arm.

The military has total and complete loyalty to the Amarian Church and its Twelve Holy Governors. This loyalty comes from the fact that the Amarian Legions along with being one of the highest trained and paid military branches in the Realms is also the best equipped, and its members are treated very well, fed well, and discipline although strict is rarely cruel or inhumane.