Cave Dwarf

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The gray dwarf or cave dwarf as it is also known as is a short thin creature with pale skin and light colored hair. They do not have thick beards, instead their beards tend to be thin and wiry. Female cave dwarves do not have facial hair. The gray dwarf tend to be a solitary race that does not interact with other races very much. They live in what is called the Under Halls which are large expanses of chambers, halls and passages that are all over under the Alterverse. Not very much is really known about cave dwarf society because of the relative seclusion that they live in. Occasionally small bands or solitary cave dwarves will be encountered above ground, but this is rare.

All cave dwarves look upon all other Dwarven races as puthark or “non dwarf”. The formal written language of the cave dwarves does not really exist, instead they use a collection of symbols to communicate in written form, this symbol like written language is similar to Egyptian hieroglyphics of the non-fantasy modern world…..

The cave dwarves worship a central deity they call Jablay or the One Jelly and temples are rumored to be found all over dedicated to Jablay. There are rumors that there are large cities with whole areas made out of jade crystal and topaz. These are rumored to be deep down in the under halls, however no one has really been able to confirm the existence of these areas.

Cave Dwarven law is rumored to be very loose, and some travelers claim that cave dwarf law is essentially every man for themselves, however some sages claim that cave Dwarven law is governed over by a central governor for varying parts of the under halls, and his or her decisions are final and complete.

The cave dwarves have a large and well-known secret guild of assassins, that are called the Under Brotherhood. and are widely sought after for their services. They are also accomplished extractors of information from prisoners, and they are rumored to gain information by using exotic substances that are found deep in the Under Halls.