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This is a fantasy world created by Donald Semora that is richly populated by a myriad of poeple and creatures. The Alterverse is made up of four primary Kingdoms, these are Amaria, Gott, Hafaria and Maldoria. There are distinct differences between these kingdoms, and each carries it own flavor. The inhabitants of this world refer to the Alterverse as the Realms..


This kingdom is located in the western side of the continent, and is the religious and military hub of the continent, and tend to be the central kingdom where most things happen. The capitol of Amaria is Loc Amar and is also the central port on the western edge of Amaria. This Kingdon tends to be the most stable of the kingdoms, and most open. The biggest city and most infamous is Darkhome, which is located on the eastern side of the kingdom, on the coast of Myst Bay.


This kingdom is located in the far north, and tend to be a more barbaric, viking like kingdom. The people of this region tend to be hardy warriors. The capitol of Maldoria is Frost Keep, which is a seaside city that is largley civil and westernized, the port open into Ice Bay. This region of the Realms tends to have extreme cold weather, and is usually strife with conflict and many several small clan wars off and on.


This kingdom still referenced here, is the founder kingdom, and is located in the southern reaches of the Realms. This Kingdom is largley abandoned as eons ago the people who settled here left for some reason unknown, lost to the sands of time. There are many rumors as to what happened, and these run the gambit between didease, war, and magic gone awery. One thing is for certain, this place is not a place that adventurers tend to go to unless they are foolhardy. Many ruins pepper the jungle filled kingdom. Since this kingdom has been so long abandoned, it is a home of many things dark and deadly, along with rumors of treasures untold.


This kingdom is on the eastern side of the Realms, and is land-locked within its own area. This is a largely desert kingdom, and the inhabitants tend to be stand offish and unfriendly. They shun outsiders, and along with being skilled merchants, Hafarians tend to be very skilled spys. Hafaria is fabled for its mines, and one mine in particular is rumored to have diamonds and precious stones beyond compare. This mine is called the Mines of Kalaldoon. All movement by any foriegner is strictly controlled and usually restricted to its capitol of Hafar.