Cave Elf

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The Cave Elf

The cave elf appears as a tall thin-bodied being with short ears, and large eyes. Their hair tends to be thing and short and can vary from brown to white, but will always be light in shade. Their skin is usually pale, unless they have been in the upper worlds as they call the upper regions of the Alterverse ™. The males are a bit taller and heavier than the females. Very little is actually known about cave elf society because they tend to live deep in the under halls. The little bit that is actually known is mixed with rumor and conjecture. A few things that are known for fact are that cave elves look upon all other elven races as bullies and impure thugs, thus a cave elf will usually avoid all other elven races.

Cave elf society is rumored to be a strict dictatorship closed to all outsiders. No “known” cities have been reported of the cave elves, however some adventurers claim that cave elves live similar as Cave Dwarves, and some cave Dwarves have claimed that they have had trade with cave elves for varied items, however even the Cave Dwarves admit that the cave elves will usually avoid them, and for those that try to adventure and visit the cave elven territories, they are usually met with hostility and mistrust. It is rumored that the cave elves have accidentally delved into deep areas that were not meant to be explored, and have uncovered vile evil arcane magic’s, and that they have been influenced by these magicks, but this has never been proven as fact.

The most prized possession of the cave elves is the fabled Book of Yet, this is a tome that is said to have a consciousness of its own and it presses its will on the reader and of those that are around it. Due to the closed way that cave elves act, and since so little is known of them, sages from all over the Alterverse will pay handsomely for reliable accurate information about them, and any artifact especially tomes and books are prized and garner a handsome price in cities all over.

The military arm of cave elven society is also shrouded in mystery, however one thing is known for sure, those that encroach on cave elven lands and territories are met usually with aggression and swift reaction. And those that have ran up against cave elven forces say that they are some of the fiercest and ruthless that they have ever seen.