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Ek is a sprawling large city on the Western coast of extreme Southern Amaria. What makes this vile and horrible place so bad, is that what makes Ek so successful is that it deals in humans. Slavery and piracy, and the transferring of stolen and pirated goods, is what helps swell the wharfs of Ek to bursting. Why the Amarian government allows this place to exist is a mystery many want answered, however no matter why. Ek lives and those that travel alone, and too close to this swill hole risk being kidnapped and sold.


Ek is a wealthy city, however its wealth is fluid as it depends on the current market for human slavery. There are many barons and self proclaimed lords in Ek. However no government in the Realms officially maintain any pact or agreement. Even thought his is true, these self proclaimed nobility are powerful and rich.

Ruling Body

There is no real police or army that guards Ek. Simply put, if Ek falls under attack, the populace simply sails away, or disappears into many hills and mountains around Ek. Or through he extensive caves under the city. Ek does have at any one time a council of men and or women, who pass loose laws, and even though these laws have no real military or police arm to enforce them, they tend to be self policed. More than one body every morning floats up tot he wharfs of Ek.