Far reaches

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The Far Reaches are rumored to be fantastic lands to the extreme far East and West of the Realms. These areas lay beyond the Dark Sea to the East, and the Oaken Sea to the West.

No one knows for sure what wondrous lands lay beyond these bodies of water, however there are a few intrepid adventurers who claim to have made the far off trip. These few men and women speak of a dark foggy wall that once entered plays havoc on compasses and is so thick one can barely see the prow of ones own ship. This wall of fog called the Great Fog Barrier also is claimed to have no wind. However those few that claim to have gotten through it talk of wondrous lands, and strange people and races never before seen.

The various claims of those that say they made it to the Far Reaches are largley un-proven, as no one has ever brought any proof back with them. However one traveler Yognar the Brave did have the validation of his crew on his expedition. However no one is sure if his claims and his crews claims were the result of real experience or bad ale.

There have been nine major documented expeditions to penetrate the Great Fog Barrier, and none of these have been successful.