Great Fog Barrier

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This is a standing body of eddying fog that stretches from as far south as one can see to the farthest point north, this foggy wall is actually a dead zone of lifeless air that blocks all ships from passing through. Rumor says that there is no wind that blows, and ship compasses do not seem to work when in this body of fog. The barrier is far out West and East past the Sea of Souls and to the east past the Dark Sea.

There have been nine major known voyages to try to break through this seemingly impenetrable wall, however none have been successful. Seven of the nine have turned back, and two went into the fog shrouded body never to be seen or heard from again.

Some say that not even sound carries in this mysterious foggy zone. The Great Fog Barrier is rumored to block access to a great magical land that normal men are not supposed to see. Some say the Elves know of a way through it, and routinely pass through it. This Fog Barrier blocks both and East and West route as mentioned above.