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Character Name: Freya
Introduced In: Fates Deal
Race: Human / Adventurer
Role: Important

Freya is one of the main characters in the Gamers Saga written by Donald Semora. Freya is a red haired adventurer, who at a young age is captured by southern Amarian slave traders, and is sold to a pirate named Slagar One Eye, who in turns in an incident on board his ship slashed her face, causing her famous scar. She in turn cuts his hand off. She is the sister of the character Tena in the books and the niece of Samfor Chamm.

Early on in her life of adventuring she meets up with Kord in the city of Dark Home, and they become good friends adventuring together, until Kord one day betrays her. Freya eventually kills Kord in a dungeon in Gott. The character is written about in several books both in print now (Freya & Kord) and also in several coming soon.

The character of Freya has been an ever changing enigma even for the author Donald Semora. She has been one also of the most challenging characters for the author, this is because since the original Gamers Saga came out, Freya has been one of the most popular characters, with both males and females. She is going to be written about extensively over the course of the authors writings.