Slagar One Eye

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Character Name: Slagar The One Eye
Introduced In: Fates Deal
Race: Human / Pirate
Role: Important

As infamous as he is nasty, Slagar One Eye, is a merciless pirate, who frequents the western coastal regions of Amaria and also into the uncharted waters beyond. Slagar was the pirate who bought Freya at an auction in Ek, and then took her to his ship and tried to assault her. This resulted in Freya refusing his advances, and then he attacked her resulting in her scar on her face. However she also paid the favor back by cutting his hand off. His infamous ship he named the Red Wench is feared in the shipping lanes of the Realms. The ship was named after the only woman who ever bested him, Freya.

An excerpt of what happened is below for the readers pleasure. Due to the WIKI's limits, the story is not in it's proper formatting with syntax, pause breaks and so on.


Freya was dressed in a set of pink clean under linen, and then a loose fitting white dress, and perfume was placed on her. She was then led to the back of the ship and to a door. The young girl knocked lightly, and from behind the door there was a gruff. "Enter!" The door opened and Freya walked in, the door closing behind here. Sitting at a table in front of a large set of windows was the pirate Slagar, he looked up smiling. To the right was a huge bed with dirty covers on them, and even more nasty stained pillows. The room smelled of urine and rotting hay. "Well my pretty girl, you look so much better. Would you like some wine?" His tone was courteous almost gentlemen like. Freya decided to play along till she could make her move. She smiled walking towards him. She could see his eyes were all over her. "Thank you my Lord, I thank you for the clothing." He smiled a oily grin. "My child, no problem. I can give you anything you desire, clothes, food, the rarest perfumes from some of the richest Hafarian perfume houses. Anything you desire is in my hands and ability to provide. "Thank you my lord." Freya lied in a purposeful meek tone. The pirate smiled more. He stood up walking over to a cupboard, he took out of a small chest on a shelf a necklace of pearls. He walked in back of Freya, placing them on her neck, then lightly kissing the nape of her neck. Freya felt repulsion at his hot breath on her neck. Her heart started to race as she still did not know what she would do. "Now see isn't that pretty on your white smooth skin. Hmmmm I can give you so much more also." He walked over to the bed, Freya noticed he had an evil looking hooked dagger on his hip, he took it off placing it on the small table next to the bed. "Come here, sit." he said patting the bed next to him. Freya walked over to the bed, "My Lord I...." suddenly the man became angry, he yelled at her. "DONT SPEAK UNLESS I SPEAK TO YOU!" this caused Freya to step back a little taken back by his sudden change of demeanor. "Now.. Now.." he said nicely, suddenly back to his nice pleasant tone. "I don't like yelling, so let's sit together and talk shall we?" Freya walked to him, then sat down. Suddenly he was on her, he held the blade to her face, his tone was vicious and his breath was warm and putrid smelling on her cheek. "Wench you will give me all I want and more. Fight me and I will take what I want then kill you." He emphasized the point by flicking his knife on her cheek slightly cutting her, she instinctively brought her elbow up striking the pirate in the face, he jerked off her. Feeling his chin pulling away blood he became enraged, slapping her then Freya felt it. He brought the curved dagger over her face, the pain was excruciating, she felt the blade rip into her flesh, then blood spurting. She screamed then without intentionally meaning to, she kneed Slagar in his groin hard causing him to fall to the floor with a yell, grabbing his groin. He dropped the blade on the bed, Freya jumped off the bed, feeling like her face was falling off, she saw briefly the front of her dress was red with her blood. She grabbed the blade raising it causing Slagar to instinctively raise his right hand to ward off the blow. She came down with all her might with the blade, and the curved blade sliced through the tendon, and bone of his wrist, causing his right hand to fall to the floor. The stump that was his right hand spurted blood and Slagar screamed holding his arm close to him. His hand laying next to him on the wooden floor. Freya in pain and blinded halfway ran to the windows, fearing her eye was taken also, she yanked open a window just as the door banged open. The tall narrow faced man burst in with two others. "GET HER NOW!" she heard someone yell, as she turned to the window, she briefly saw her face and the horrible tear in it. She jumped through the open window into the cool darkness. She felt like she fell a long time, then she struck water, the water burning her face like acid as the salt water hit the hideous wound on her face. She was surrounded by darkness, warm water enveloping her. She came up for air gasping. She was in calm waters and she saw that the boat moved on. Her heart froze in fear as she worried about sharks.