Ghoul Shaft

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The Ghoul Shaft is an old open iron mine located in the north west corner of Maldoria, just west of The Fire Spines, with a very small village sitting near it. Many years ago it was discovered that along with iron ore there was a massive pocket of rare Ice rubies in the mine, so the King of Maldoria ordered that the mine be dug deeper as he wanted to find more gems.

The miners following their kings wishes worked harder and dug deeper. In fact they dug so deep they ended up opening an unknown deeply buried lair of Ghouls, and other undead, these horrible monsters attacked the village killing many, and turning their kills into undead, so now these evil beings retreat back into the mines, where they wait for the foolish to adventure into the mines in attempts to retrieve the trove of gems within them. The village has since been abandoned and luckily due to its location the Ghouls, Crawlivore's and other nasty evil beings are largely kept at bay.