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The Kingdom of Maldoria sits in the high north of the Alterverse near the Polar Waste Mountains and the Fire Spines, although called a kingdom, Maldoria is actually a grouping of clans with each clan lead by a clan chief. There is an official king of Maldoria who is the leader of all clans with the seat of the authority being in the city of Frost Keep his name is Kragdor the Long. The palace is open at all times for clans to come and present claims and disputes to the king.

All Maldorans are known as fierce fighters, and they have a peace treaty with the Ice Dwarfs whose kingdom cover parts of the ice peaks. The kingdom of Maldoria is always covered by Ice and large forests of ice pine and Winter oak, Travelers are usually welcome in all Maldoran territories however depending on how the various clans of an area are getting along travel can be dangerous.

The Maldorians have no real standing army, instead they have an organized way that their clans can band together when needed. They way they do this is each clan watches over and controls specific areas of Maldoria. There are six main clans in Maldoria, with varying levels of warriors. These are listed below.

The Maldors (The Founding Clan) 19,000 The Bagnars 12,500 The Hooglars 9,500 The Blood Knuckles 9,000 The Ice Beards 7,300 The Shield Maidens (The only all female clan) 1,800

Maldoran law is what some may call barbaric, as most disputes are handled with the parties simply fighting to the death, this includes those that are foreigners in Maldoria. If this form of settling a dispute is not used then the other normal way is that a minimum of 3 clan chiefs (king included) gather and preside over the guilt or innocence of the accused, once guilt is decided the 3 decide as to the punishment. This can be anything from public lashing, to monetary penalties to even death, of course of the accused is determined to not be guilty then the accuser can be levied with a penalty for wrongfully accusing the person.

Maldorans have extensive trade with the Ice Dwarfs, they also are accomplished ship builders and Maldoran long war boats are prized by most everyone. Thus they have extensive trade in ships and also shipping. The Maldoran navy is one of the largest and most feared on the world.