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The elves are the oldest of all the races in the Alterverse, the elves are the most solitary also of the races, they tend to have long life spans and are gifted in all of the magical arts (arcane and divine), All of the elven races view the Draconic and Goblin races as eternal enemies and view most fable folk as eternal friends. The elves are rumored to hold and guard three magical tomes, each book is rumored to be held by each racial type, and each book is rumored to show a facet of elven destiny. These are called the Elven Books

The Elven Books

The three races of elves have been around since the literal dawn of the ages, and they are rumored to be the original race from which all others have come from. They have such a special affinity for the Arcane arts that their societies and their ways are usually centrally revolved around magic. The elves are the holders and guardians of the three most powerful books in all the Alterverse, these three books are collectively known as the Books of Time. The books of time are made up of three books each rumored having power over an aspect of time itself.

The Wood Elf

The wood elf is tall and slender with light delicate features. The wood elf has almond shaped eyes and their skin tends to be the tint ranging from pink to light green. The skin color of a wood elf is influenced by the types of trees in their home woods. Thus some wood elves will call themselves oak, or pine elves or whatever tree type that their family takes care of. The wood elf tends to have lightly tinted hair that can range from blonde-haired person to silver, to brown and they will generally wear their hair long, the females of the race are only matched in exotic beauty by the Amarians.

Wood elven society is generally a sociable one, with some exceptions. They do not allow goblins in their lands as goblins were once long ago elves, which used vile dark evil magic that backfired on them. The wood elves view this as an abuse of the responsibility of the Arcane art.

Wood Elves Home

The wood elves have many Forrest kingdoms that they live in, with each one having a king and its own laws, every fifty years the elven kings meet to have what is called the great kings council. This is usually held in the great southern Forrest as the great southern Forrest is considered the original and true home of all wood elves.


Elven religion is a very diverse one also, as each elven community will have its own deities and gods that are based on their local Forrest homes. Wood elves live on small homes that they call “hobt’s.” These are made of wood and stone and are crafted into a tree. This tree is the responsibility of the elven family who lives in it, and great pride is taken by wood elves in the way that tree is cared for. If a wood elves tree dies then that elf and their family is forever banished from that elven kingdom, and becomes a pariah among all wood elves, since a common wood elven greeting is “how fares your tree.” Wood elves are accomplished mages and healers, and it is rumored that elven forests contain deep in them mysterious magicks and locations that have unusual magical energies. The wood elves are rumored to harness these strange and varied magical energies to use as they will in their magicks. The Wood Elf does not have special abilities like others races, all of their abilities are determined by their home tree type, and the tables below are used to determine this. Table rc-7 below shows the varying tree types and the associated special abilities that are conveyed to the Wood elf by having that tree type as their home tree.

The Hill Elf

Hill elves tend to be thicker bodied than their cousins, with tan to light brown skin. The hill elf is tall with generally longer ears and larger round eyes. The hill elves are the only elves that will wear facial hair, and they can commonly be found to have short beards, our goatees. The hill elf female it petite and very beautiful with large eyes and long flowing hair.

Hill elf society is a tribal like society with small walled settlements being the normal way they are encountered., on the outside they appear cold and stark, but travelers will find that they are full of color on the inside and will find the hill elf to be a fn loving and gracious host. This is why a hill elf will not invite someone into their home lightly, thus a invitation into a hill elves home is to be considered a compliment and privilege.

Hill elf society tries to generally get along with all other races that they come into contact with, but they are in a constant state of war with the Orcs and Trolls that inhabit the fringes of their settlements, as these races usually try to steal the sheep and goats that the hill elves raise and depend upon.

Hill elves will commonly send emissaries out to distant land in order to try to forge alliances and treaties for the trade of good for the wool and leathers they are famous for. The hill elves have a long- standing treaty with the Neanderman High Glopf*, and they will come to the aid of Neanderman villages when asked to do so.

Hill elves will generally attend the meeting of the lands, which is a bi-yearly meeting that is attended by man of the races that inhabit the scrub areas, and low hills in the areas that they live in. The Hill elves have a small but capable means of defense, which is comprised of archers and infantry.

The Cave Elf

The cave elf appears as a tall thin-bodied being with short ears, and large eyes. Their hair tends to be thing and short and can vary from brown to white, but will always be light in shade. Their skin is usually pale, unless they have been in the upper worlds as they call the upper regions of the Alterverse ™. The males are a bit taller and heavier than the females. Very little is actually known about cave elf society because they tend to live deep in the under halls. The little bit that is actually known is mixed with rumor and conjecture. A few things that are known for fact are that cave elves look upon all other elven races as bullies and impure thugs, thus a cave elf will usually avoid all other elven races.

Cave elf society is rumored to be a strict dictatorship closed to all outsiders. No “known” cities have been reported of the cave elves, however some adventurers claim that cave elves live similar as Cave Dwarves, and some cave Dwarves have claimed that they have had trade with cave elves for varied items, however even the Cave Dwarves admit that the cave elves will usually avoid them, and for those that try to adventure and visit the cave elven territories, they are usually met with hostility and mistrust. It is rumored that the cave elves have accidentally delved into deep areas that were not meant to be explored, and have uncovered vile evil arcane magic’s, and that they have been influenced by these magicks, but this has never been proven as fact.

The most prized possession of the cave elves is the fabled Book of Yet, this is a tome that is said to have a consciousness of its own and it presses its will on the reader and of those that are around it. Due to the closed way that cave elves act, and since so little is known of them, sages from all over the Alterverse will pay handsomely for reliable accurate information about them, and any artifact especially tomes and books are prized and garner a handsome price in cities all over.

The military arm of cave elven society is also shrouded in mystery, however one thing is known for sure, those that encroach on cave elven lands and territories are met usually with aggression and swift reaction. And those that have ran up against cave elven forces say that they are some of the fiercest and ruthless that they have ever seen.